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Sharjah Asset Management Holding is a dynamic and innovative company helping to shape the future of Sharjah. The joy in tackling the job and contributing ideas are part of what we do every day. Regardless of whether in investment, real estate project management and operations, the technical and logistics areas or in administration – a wide variety of people with diverse qualifications and backgrounds find a professional home with us.

As a driving force behind the economic and social development of Sharjah, Sharjah Asset Management Holding (SAMH) prides itself on its professionalism and competence. We believe that investing in people is priceless. It helps the individual, the community and the nation as a whole. Through partnering with world-class organizations locally and internationally, we invest in opportunities that hold exciting returns for the Emirate.

Whether Investment or Real Estate: SAMH business fields are just as diverse as the occupations for which we seek dedicated employees.


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We believe that investing in people is priceless. It helps the individual, the community, city and the nation as a whole.

People First:
The culture at SAM is immensely entrepreneurial and is at the heart of our business. We actively work to attract, engage, develop, and retain top talent. Our people strategy supports a thriving environment that enables high potentials to realize the latest disruptive trends. For the second consecutive year, SAM’s staff retention rate is recorded above 90%.

Our career framework strategy and platform enable our people to plug into internal mobility and job rotation that matches their evolving skill sets with business needs in real-time.
Such key programs include:

Valuing All People
Our people policies ensure each employee is treated with respect by everyone in the company and has the opportunity for career development and growth. The quality of our performance as a whole drives our ability to deliver the best possible service to clients and brings success for all of us, in consequence, the quality the work and performance of our employees is the primary differentiator for their progress and growth at SAM.

Emiratization is at the core of SAM’s people plans, allowing a positive UAE national prioritization through both the recruitment and talent management processes. UAE nationals occupy over 50% of SAM's professional roles.

Graduate Hiring
SAM offers graduate hiring programs across all career disciplines and business units. Each graduate hire is supported by an individual deployment plan for a target role through the first year of hiring.

What Is LEAD?
An internal programme designed explicitly for SAM's employees to identify and develop employees' talents while shaping their careers. It allows employees to benefit from individual career paths, high-quality training offered by global experts, practical business assignments, increased visibility with senior management, and new opportunities to progress to next level of their career.

SAM, together with the Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL) has embarked in a cutting-edge leadership development process whereby a selective group of high potential employees is taken through a series of modules and assignments to build their skills and shape their mindset for future leadership roles. The process is multi-faceted and includes training sessions as well as individual and team assignments.

Some, if not all of the future leaders also go through secondments in selected companies to apply the learning as well as experience best practices in other organizations. The impact of the overall process becomes even more apparent as the projects gather momentum and start delivering tangible results.

Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders
The program selection is transparent and merit-based and is open to all SAM employees. Interested employees self-nominate to enroll and undergo standardized assessments and interviews whereby the top achievers are selected.