Souq Al Jubail, Sharjah

Strategically located near Sharjah’s central market, Souq Al Jubail has provided a “next generation” shopping experience for citizens, residents and tourists to Sharjah.

Spread over 37,000 square metres of retail space, Souq Al Jubail consists of two floors with three designated sections: fruit and vegetables; meat produce; and a fish and seafood section. Housing 370 units, including 91 shops for selling fish, 67 meat produce retailers and 212 fruit and vegetable outlets, the upper floor also includes the Souq’s Administration Offices and the Sharjah Cooperative Society for Fishermen (SCSF).

Souq Al Jubail has a parking area that can accommodate up to 750 cars, with 24-hour surveillance cameras, as well as offering ATMs and prayer rooms for customer convenience.

Fully Owned