Investment Objectives

Create a portfolio that is diverse ranging from banking, aviation, retail, industrials, commerce, master-planned communities, real estate, technology, oil and gas, telecoms, to logistics. SAM continues to actively seek opportunities for further business involvement outside the Emirate and to benefit our diversification while also attracting investment to the Emirate.

The core objective is to create wealth by investing in the emerging sectors.
Real estate development is one of the key segments SAM has set its focus on with projects like Souq Al Haraj – the region’s primary car shopping destination; Souq Al Jubail – the largest of its kind in UAE, presenting a unique food retail experience; Al Saja’a Industrial Oasis – a large-scale industrial complex, and continuing to explore further investment opportunities.

Design policies and environments that put the customer first. Offering a premium customer experience across its assets is imperative.

Explore long-term sustainable business lines, continue strategic tie-ups with the Government, and initiate work on smart-enabled services.

Invest heavily in efficient and effective operations and processes; align the organization, process, and people with the vision and strategy of the Emirate; and developed a qualified workforce.

Sectoral Diversification

SAMH appreciates the long-term investment horizon and plans to build a sizeable yielding portfolio that is strategically diversified across the targeted geographies: North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Real Estate & Infrastructure


Transportation & Logistics

Commercial & Retail

Technology &Telecommunications

Oil & Gas

Asset Class Breakdown

SAMH’s strategy is to invest into multiple asset classes according to our allocation plan that envisions a portfolio that optimizes returns over the long term within established risk parameters.

Public Equities

Private Equity

Real Estate


Fixed Income