Celebrating Future Leaders Sharjah Asset Management Acknowdledges The First Batch Of “Lead” Program.


Celebrating Future Leaders Sharjah Asset Management Acknowdledges The First Batch Of “Lead” Program.

Sharjah Asset Management (SAM), the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, held its graduation ceremony acknowledging the successful journey of its Emerging Leaders. The ceremony honoured participants of the LEAD (Leadership Empowerment and Development Programme), an internal program introduced to align with SAM’s vision of training its employees to identify and develop their talents, while shaping their careers. It reflects SAM’s belief in the positive impact that its participants can have on social and economic development and will open up a diverse outlook for employees to advance in their profession.

The program was designed and implemented by SAM Group Human Capital in collaboration with The Centre for Creative Leadership. 13 participants from SAM participated in effectively developing their leadership potential.

The program design included individual career paths, high-quality training offered by global experts, practical business assignments, increased visibility with senior management, and new opportunities to progress to the next level of their career.

The graduation event was attended by HE Waleed Al Sayegh, the CEO of SAM, Ibrahim Al Houti, Chief Corporate Support Officer Sector Chiefs and other stakeholders of the program. During the event, HE Waleed Al Sayegh imparted some words of inspiration to the program graduates after which they were all awarded certificates and graduation gifts. “I am pleased with SAM’s continued efforts to develop leaders for tomorrow who can occupy key roles in the socio-economic development of Sharjah,” said Al Sayegh.

“We are absolutely delighted to honour the graduates of this program. It was designed to help participants build their self-confidence and wisdom, provide them with various techniques and examples that can help shape them into great leaders and teach them valuable skills that can guide them towards excelling in all spheres of life. Leadership development programmes are structured to guide employees interested in taking up leadership roles, help existing leaders better hone their skills while training them to achieve both short-term and long-term goals of the organisation. I believe through this program we have successfully achieved our objective of identifying and developing talents who will prove to be great leaders occupying crucial roles and taking strategic decisions in the roles they occupy,” added Al Sayegh.

Sharjah Asset Management is an innovative, international, government-owned investment company which administers all investment activities for Sharjah’s Government Sharjah Asset Management cultivates a deep-rooted strategy for Sharjah’s future, integrating the development and fulfilment of targets, with the aim of enhancing the economic development of Sharjah.

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