Service time varies depending on the type of vehicle requested.The Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority has announced a Dh5 taxi booking service for regular commuters, families, women and people of determination.A top SRTA official said that the Transportation Systems Department is constantly striving to meet the needs of its beneficiaries by providing appropriate channels for those wishing to reserve vehicles of all kinds.A fee of Dh5 will be charged for the service, while the time taken to complete the service depends on the type of vehicle. It takes 30 minutes for regular or family vehicles, while the service for women and people of determination will take one hour.Customers can book the service via the website or call 600525252, and the automated pager device available in government departments, hospitals, and hotels.When booking the service, a set of data must be specified by the customer, which includes their location, contact number, date and time of reservation and the type of vehicle.