Sharjah Taxi, which is affiliated with Sharjah Asset Management Company, the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, employs through the recently opened Control Center for Taxi Vehicles, the latest technologies to manage the transportation system in a safe and reliable manner that serves all members of society, with the aim of raising the efficiency of operational revenues and improving the quality of services provided to customers and drivers. At the same time, and in line with Sharjah’s vision to keep pace with the innovative digital transformation. The control center works to raise operational efficiency, by following up on the availability of vehicles in vital locations in the Emirate of Sharjah and the northern regions, and in event venues, and working to direct drivers to the most requested locations, in addition to responding to customers’ inquiries and complaints and monitoring the drivers’ behavior, which contributes to Reducing accidents, quality violations and traffic violations, and rationalizing expenditures, especially in the field of fuel consumption. Khalid Al Kindi, Executive Director of Sharjah Taxi, said that the control center, which is equipped with the latest new technologies in monitoring and operating transportation services for taxis, has a capacity of eight employees in one shift. Through the center, the operational operations of nearly 750 taxis are managed in the city Sharjah and Sharjah International Airport, as well as in the Eastern Region. The center also monitors drivers’ wrong practices, directs them to sound practices, educates them, and ensures the extent of their commitment and adherence to work regulations. Al Kindi added, the center has been equipped with the latest systems and devices, most notably the camera system to monitor vehicles, and the driver fatigue system that monitors the level of concentration and stress and is not distracted from driving, or exceeding the permissible speed, and other vital indicators aimed at providing the highest quality service on the 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He said the opening of the Sharjah Taxi Control Center is a qualitative addition to the smart and innovative operational services and systems that we provide, which will improve and raise the quality of the services provided, save time and effort in managing the operation operations and various tasks, and facilitate the process of monitoring and operating taxi transportation services, thus raising operational performance. For drivers, it reduces complaints, accidents and quality violations, and contributes to rationalizing expenses and increasing revenues. Sharjah Taxi, whose fleet includes about 750 vehicles of various types, was able to transport about 5.87 million passengers last year, with an average of 16,000 passengers per day, knowing that all vehicles are equipped with reservation and distribution devices D to communicate with the reservation and distribution center, which serves as a link Between the person interested in the service and the vehicle, where he receives requests and sends them via IVD devices to the nearest vehicle nearby, to reach you within a few minutes.