Two million and 206 thousand visitors to the Jubail market in the first half of 2022

Two million and 206 thousand visitors to the Jubail market in the first half of 2022

Sales volume of the fish department is 2,086 tons, while sales volume of

fruits and vegetables were 2,711 tons.

Souq Al Jubail, a project of Sharjah Asset Management Company, investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, received more than 2,205,876 visitors during the first half of 2022. Sales volumes in the fish section of the soup during the six month period reached 2,086 tons, while volume of sales of fruits and vegetables was 2,711 tons.

Talal Mohamed: Souq Al Jubail has succeeded in elevating its status as one of the most important markets at the state and regional level, since its inception in 2015

Talal Mohamed, Director of Souq Al Jubail, said: “Year after year, Souq Al Jubail continues to witness an increasing turnout from visitors and shoppers. We have received visitors not only from within the Emirate of Sharjah and the Emirates as a whole, but international shoppers as well. Since its inception in 2015, the Souq has succeeded in elevating its status as one of the most important markets at the state and regional level. As an iconic tourist attraction that entices visitors from across the globe, Sharjah Asset Management works diligently to enhance the national presence of Souq Al Jubail through close follow-up and continuous development at various levels, and providing facilities that make the Souq a vibrant shopping and entertainment destination.”

The Director added: “We are pleased with the volume of turnout and sales, which is largely due to the integrated services and value the Souq provides to its customers. Fresh consumer products that meet the demands of customers, whether in the fish department, the vegetables and fruits department, or the meat department, along with continuous development in the type of services and catering to feedback and ideas presented by visitors ensures constant developments and enhancements. The Souq’s reputation as a customer’s first choice for shopping has a seen great strides.”

Humaid Al Aleeli: The fish section at Souq Al Jubail is popular among shoppers and visitors to the market

Humaid Al Aleeli, Acting Director of the Hospitality Sector at Sharjah Asset Management Company, said: “The fish section at Souq Al Jubail has shown to be extremely popular among shoppers and market visitors, due to the variety of fresh local and imported fish options available throughout the year for purchase. The fish market within the Souq is subject to the highest standards of hygiene and control. It has a distinguished position and is increasingly becoming a main destination for visitors looking for reasonably-priced, various types of  high quality fish. Shoppers can also enjoy various services including the barbecue section, equipped with the best international cooking equipment, as well as the highest standards of quality hygiene, in addition to the latest international safety systems.”

Souq Al Jubail facilities

Souq Al Jubail comprises 260 shops distributed over 3 sections, namely, the vegetables and fruits section (spanning 160 shops, of which 40 are designated date shops) the meat section (spanning 50 shops) and the fresh fish section (spanning 40 shops). The fish section offers a barbecue station, as well as two stations for cleaning and cutting fish. The fish section operates under the expertise of more than 70 employees per day to meet customer requests at competitive prices. Various other services and facilities are available in the market for customer convenience, such as Etisalat, ATMs, supermarkets, pharmacies, and more, providing customers all services at one convenient location.

Fish department services and facilities

The fish market is Souq Al Jubail’s notable attraction, which includes designated areas allocated for selling fresh fish directly from sellers. The grilling section, which includes a waiting area, is used to prepare and season fish, and includes fish grills and ovens, equipped with the highest standard technology for suctioning odours, central ventilation, and air conditioning to moderate temperature. The fish are subject to health examinations from specialised staff from the Sharjah Municipality to ensure quality and compliance with the best health standards in the UAE.

Souq operational hours

Souq Al Jubail receives visitors from Saturday to Thursday, 08:00 AM until 10:00 PM. On Fridays, the Souq is operational between the hours of  07:00 until 11:30 AM, and is closed for the Friday prayer period. The Souq resumes activity between 01:30 PM until 10:00 PM.

About Sharjah Asset Management Company Sharjah Asset Management Company boasts a global reputation in the field of wealth building, and was established exclusively by the Government of Sharjah. For the Government of Sharjah, the path to achieving economic diversification is through expansion of multiple industries and the development of world-class facilities for sustainable investment opportunities.