International Investments

SAM investment department originates high quality deal flow from top-tier GP relationships. Robust investment process ensures that only the best investments are allocated capital.

Long-term Investment Horizon With a Wide Mandate

The Investments Department manages a diversified global portfolio with exposure across multiple asset classes with an aim to generate stable returns in the long-term for the Government of Sharjah.

International Investment

Long-term Horizon

  • SAM has a long-term investment horizon
  • Ability to provide stable capital commitments for investments
  • Stay invested across business cycles

Broad Investment Mandate

  • SAM’s investment mandate covers a wide range of asset classes from equities and to real estate and infrastructure.
  • Ability to invest across sub-asset classes and geographies.

Stable Returns

  • Dividend oriented approach coupled with growth.
  • Regular cash flows to support the company operations and ability to re-invest proce.
internationalinvestment internationalinvestment


SAM’s long-term investment strategy is to achieve superior returns through diversification and portfolio construction that carefully considers the way different assets respond to possible market and economic conditions. By optimising the investment of funds across asset types, geographical regions, industries, and companies, SAM’s portfolio continues to be more resilient and robust.

SAM’s investment strategy is to build a sizable diversified income-generating investment portfolio that is strategically spread across a number of targeted geographies: US, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The team invests in multiple asset classes according to an asset allocation plan that envisions a portfolio that will seek to optimize expected return versus expected risk over a long-term investment horizon.


Asset Class Breakdown

Public Equities,Fixed Income,Private Equity,Real Estate,Infrastructure


Global Presence

UAE,Europe,USA,Asia Pacific


Geographic Diversification

Banking,Realestate and Infrastructure,Transportation and Logistics, Commercial and Retail, Oil and Gas, and Technology and Telecommunications.

Investment Mandate and Geographic Location


Real Estate




Private Equity


Public Equity


Private Debt