Sharjah 24: Souq Al Jubail, one of the key projects of the Sharjah Asset Management Company, the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah revealed a great turnout of visitors and shoppers who flocked to the Souq Al Jubail in Sharjah during the third quarter of this year. Numbers exceeded 972 thousand visitors and shoppers, in light of a large abundance of materials according to the highest standards and at competitive prices that suit everyone.Talal Muhammad – Senior Manager at Souq Al Jubail, said that the movement of visitors and shoppers had increased remarkably, which indicates the importance and value of the place. The vast amount of available products that meet the various needs of families, individuals and institutions confirm the level of recovery from the pandemic. The movement has returned to its previous era because Souq Al Jubail represents a distinctive family shopping destination and an attractive entertainment destination. The souq has all needs under one roof at reasonable, competitive prices. What is worth noting is that there are more than 250 products in Souq Al Jubail distributed in 3 sections, containing 260 shops. The vegetables and fruits section includes 160 shops, including 40 shops for dates, and the meat section consists of 50 shops—the fresh fish section, which consists of 40 shops, plus the barbecue section. There are two fish cleaning and cutting departments, where more than 70 employees work each day to meet our customers’ requests for this service at nominal prices. Various services and other facilities are available in Souq Al Jubail, such, ATMs, a supermarket, a pharmacy, etc.