Sharjah livestock markets are witnessing extraordinary activity and an increase in demand for all types of livestock, including cow, sheep, goat, and more, coinciding with the arrival of the winter season. The beautiful weather and decreases in temperatures have resulted in a nation-wide uptick in travel and camping trips throughout the various scenic regions of the country.

Abdalla Al Shamsi, manager of the Sharjah Livestock Market, said, “As we welcome the beautiful winter season, livestock markets in Sharjah have begun to witness increasing demand from the public, both locally inside the Emirate of Sharjah and from international customers, due to high quality integrated services these markets provide customers. The markets operate according to the highest standards set in the industry, and boast a unique and meticulously curated architectural design. Facilities employ use of technologise, ini accordance with the highest international quality standards followed in hygiene and public health.”

Sharjah Livestock Market

Al Shamsi added, “The livestock market in Sharjah possesses many advantages that make it one of the key livestock markets at the level of the region and the country, strategically located across two axes – Al Dhaid Road and Emirates Road. The markets extend over an area of ​​approximately 170,000 square meters, housing 140 stores for sheep sales and animal pens, 26 stores for cow livestock, 12 stores for camel livestock, 73 stores for poultry, and individual slaughterhouses for both livestock and poultry. Additionally, the markets have 44 stores for fodder sales, 34 multi-use shops, 30 nurseries, an auction yard for livestock sales, and a separate yard for the Friday market. The markets also contain a mosque that can accommodate 386 worshippers, and a slaughterhouse for livestock that can cater 200 heads of cattle per hour.

Kalba Livestock Market

Al Shamsi continued, “Sharjah Livestock Market in Kalba has successfully attracted a large segment of consumers and livestock traders between its opening in July 2022 until November. We have recorded more than 9,000 visitors who have benefited from the market’s close proximity to the residents of the region. The market’s advanced infrastructure spans an area of ​​​​20,740 square meters, and approximately 100 – 120 carcasses are slaughtered per hour.”

Khorfakkan slaughterhouse

Al Shamsi confirmed that the Khorfakkan slaughterhouse received more than 13,000 visitors between the months of March – November 2022, due to the unique advantages the market enjoys and the services it provides to the residents of the city within the highest set international standards for slaughterhouse operations. The market strictly adheres to the latest health systems, helping to reduce any and all risks that meat may be exposed to, ensuring its safety. The slaughterhouse routinely sees approximately 120 – 140 carcasses slaughtered per hour.

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