Saned Installs 612+ Aman Alarms during First Half of 2023


Saned Installs 612+ Aman Alarms during First Half of 2023


Ensuring maximum public safety and security in the Emirate of Sharjah,

Saned Installs 612+ Aman Alarms during First Half of 2023



Sharjah, 20 August, 2023:

Saned Integrated Facilities Management announced the installation of more than 612 Aman devices and 740 device registration requests during the first half of 2023, bringing the total number of facilities registered in the Aman system to 10,367, in partnership with the Sharjah Prevention and Safety Authority. These developments contribute to ensuring maximum public safety and security in the Emirate, improving quality of life and protecting lives and property.


Abdalla Abdelaziz Al Midfa, Director of FM Special Projects said: "The installation of safety systems is a real indicator of the awareness of entities and facilities of the importance of workplace safety, protecting community members from fire risks around the clock. Saned has established an integrated alarm system equipped with the latest modern technologies to immediately report fire and emergency situations.”


Al Midfa highlighted Saned’s continuous endeavor to reach all entities and facilities, helping to streamline the decision to install and connect safety systems to protect buildings from fires and accidents, to be in effect at the end of this year.


Al Ketbi further stressed that the installation of a safety system contributes to reducing occurrences of fires, ultimately avoiding human and material losses and mitigating damage through early detection of fires. He reiterated his call to all government and private agencies, industrial and commercial facilities and residential buildings to install the early warning system ‘Aman’.


The system plays a significant role in reducing response times to fires and avoids exacerbation of the situation in order to reach a society free of dangers.


The Aman system connects fire systems in the facilities to the operations room of the General Directorate of Civil Defense and the operations room of Saned, allowing immediate notification in the event of any fire in the facility. Aman also adopts advanced technology to locate fires when they occur and alert concerned teams immediately.


Saned provides integrated facilities management, building maintenance, and related technical services to commercial and government entities, in addition to energy management and sustainable initiatives as part of its comprehensive services in the field of energy management and sustainability of buildings and facilities.

The team at Saned provides specialised technical services in the security and safety of facilities, reflecting technological development and contributing to supporting the growth of the real estate sector in the Emirate of Sharjah.

Saned Integrated Facilities Management is a subsidiary of Sharjah Asset Management, the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah.


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