Sharjah Taxi Launches ‘Brake Plus’ System Across Vehicle Fleet


Sharjah Taxi Launches ‘Brake Plus’ System Across Vehicle Fleet

Sharjah Taxi has introduced its ‘Brake Plus’ sudden stop system to its taxi fleet. The new system automatically activates the rear hazard lights of the vehicle intermittently when the driver brakes in cases of speed reduction and sudden stops. This alerts drivers behind the taxi, warning them to reduce speed and maintain a safe following distance to prevent accidents and ensure road safety for all users.

Khalid Al Kindi, General Manager of Sharjah Taxi, said: "The implementation of this system is based on our vested interest in Sharjah Taxi to provide the best services and latest technology to achieve road traffic safety. This is in line with our plan to reduce accident rates in collaboration with the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority in accordance with the highest international standards."

Al-Kindi stressed that Sharjah Taxi continuously works on developing its fleet of vehicles in line with the country's directives, striving to improve the overall customer transportation experience by meeting their needs and providing a safe, comfortable, modern, and integrated form of transportation.

Traffic safety:

Mustafa Shalaby, Acting Director of Operations at Osool Transport Solutions and Head of the Traffic Safety Team at Sharjah Taxi, said: "The implementation of this new system at Sharjah Taxi was carried out by our Traffic safety team, formed in 2021, with the aim of contributing to road accident reduction through detailed studies on the main causes of taxi vehicle accidents, implementing corrective measures, and enhancing traffic safety related to taxi vehicles."

He added that the new safety device has been installed and connected to the braking system on all Sharjah Taxi vehicles.


Sharjah Taxi is a project of the Sharjah Asset Management Company, investment arm of the government of Sharjah, which aims to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable transportation in the Emirate of Sharjah.

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