Sharjah Asset Management learned about the best practices followed by Japanese companies


Sharjah Asset Management learned about the best practices followed by Japanese companies

A delegation from Sharjah Asset Management, the investment arm of the Sharjah government, visited the keidanren Japan Business Federation to learn about best practices and operational mechanisms in the Japanese markets. The delegation aimed to explore investment opportunities with Japanese companies, discuss collaboration opportunities, enhance economic relations, and coordinate joint projects to expand and strengthen SAM's global investment network.

The delegation from the company included Omar Al Mulla, CEO of the Investment Sector at Sharjah Asset Management Company, and Rashid Burehaima, Acting Executive Director - Osool Investments, and Iyad AlSadi, Director Strategic Investments. The visit aimed to introduce the attractive investment environment in the Emirate of Sharjah, familiarize themselves with the investment climate in Japan, review key incentives and benefits available, and explore investment opportunities in mutually interesting vital sectors.

Omar Al Mulla stated, "This visit is an important step towards developing partnership and cooperation with the Japanese side and benefiting from the experiences and capabilities of Japanese companies in the investment and real estate sectors. Sharjah Asset Management (SAM) is responsible for government investments in the Emirate of Sharjah, as well as asset management and real estate development. This visit is an opportunity to establish a roadmap or a future agreement that achieves many positive outcomes."
Al Mulla also invited business leaders from the Japan Business Federation to explore the available investment opportunities in the Emirate of Sharjah and familiarize themselves with the advantages and characteristics of its investment environment, including stability, modern infrastructure, and the strategic location of Sharjah that provides access to regional and global markets. He also highlighted the advanced laws that protect capital and investments, as well as flexible economic regulations in Sharjah.

It is worth mentioning that KEIDANREN (the Japan Business Federation) is a comprehensive economic organization consisting of 1,512 representative companies from Japan, 107 national industrial associations, and regional economic organizations. Its mission as a comprehensive economic organization is to leverage the vitality of companies, individuals, and local communities to support business activities that contribute to the sustainable development of the Japanese economy and improve the quality of life for the Japanese people.
An introductory overview of Sharjah Asset Management:
Sharjah Asset Management is the investment arm of the Sharjah government, aiming to achieve its vision of enhancing economic and social development, supporting and accelerating sustainable economic growth in the emirate. This is done through partnerships with the public and private sectors, promoting investment, enhancing corporate social responsibility, optimizing resource utilization, meeting the needs of Sharjah's community, and ensuring their sustainable welfare.

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