Souq Al Jubail s Fish Section Offers a Variety of Local and Imported Fish Throughout the Year


Souq Al Jubail s Fish Section Offers a Variety of Local and Imported Fish Throughout the Year

Since the beginning of the year, the Souq has received more than 2.1 million visitors and shoppers

Souq Al Jubail, a project of Sharjah Asset Management Company, investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, has enjoyed a remarkable turnout from shoppers and visitors since its opening in 2015. The Souq has rapidly transformed into an exciting new shopping destination, and stocks unique fresh product and many types of consumer and food materials for visitors under one roof. The Souq is organised into three market sections, namely, vegetables and fruit, fish, and fresh meat sections.

1 million Visitors to the Fish Section:

Humaid Al Aleeli, Manager of Hospitality, said: “The fish section of Souq Al Jubail is one of the most important attractions for fish and seafood enthusiasts, as we offer all kinds of local and imported items. Since the beginning of the year, the department has received more than 2.1 million visitors and shoppers, both individuals and families. What draws shoppers to the Souq is the great abundance and variety of fish at extremely competitive prices that suit everyone. The sales volume of fish at Souq Al Jubail during the same period successfully reached 1,677 tons; more than 895 tons were processed in the fish cleaning area, and 102 tons of fish and seafood were cooked in the grill section, which is equipped with the best international cooking equipment, operating under the highest standards of hygiene and quality. We have ensured use of the latest global safety systems across our premises.”

The Fish Section is Souq Al Jubail’s Star Attraction:

Al Aleeli highlighted that the fish market provides various types of fish and seafood according to the highest safety standards and general specifications, to cater to the different tastes of shoppers, visitors, merchants, and fishermen, at all price points. It is also a tourist destination for family and individuals who enjoy  the process of buying fresh fish and various seafood.

Fish Department Facilities:

Al Aleeli indicated that the fish department has allocated a venue for selling fresh fish directly from sellers – the fish market auction. The auction is held in the traditional manner, daily, after the afternoon prayer, in an auction area next to the market building.  Additionally, the market provides a barbecue section, extending across an area of ​​up to 365 square meters. This section includes a waiting area for customers, specified areas for preparing and seasoning fish, and designated areas for grills and barbecue ovens. The Jubail grill has been equipped with central ventilation and air conditioning, to ensure a suitable and comfortable environment for shoppers. All fish and marine products that arrive at the market are also subject to a health examination to ensure quality, in compliance with best health standards and practice, and compliance with health code regulations enforced in the UAE.

Al Aleeli specified that the fresh fish section includes 40 shops, housing more than 100 sellers. More than 70 professional fish cutters are employed daily to meet  high demands for fish cleaning and cutting at nominal prices. The Souq management is keen to provide excellent quality fish on a daily basis, according to the best standards and specifications. Fish routinely stocked and sold at the Souq include sardines, seabream, shari, safi, tilapia, grouper, salmon and other local and international fish. All seafood is subject to continuous control and inspection to ensure impeccable quality.

ISO certified:

Al Aleeli added, “The fish department has maintained ISO quality certification for many years, and is the first market in the region to receive this international quality certificate. We constantly receive a remarkable turnout from shoppers and market visitors, who continually express their confidence in the level of services, high quality, and cleanliness in the Souq’s operations.”

Strategic location:

Al Aleeli highlighted the strategic location of the market, with stunning views of the sea, in addition to world-class amenities and facilities, in a spacious, safe, and comfortable environment. The fish market provides attraction and entertainment for tourists and visitors to the Emirate of Sharjah and the UAE, allowing visitors a unique experience to shop and access fresh, local and imported products from many countries.

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