Sharjah abattoir receives 2,468 sacrifices on the first day of Eid


Sharjah abattoir receives 2,468 sacrifices on the first day of Eid

The Sharjah Livestock Market, one of the projects of the Sharjah Asset Management Company, the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, witnessed a large and different reception of various types of sacrifices on the first days of Eid Al-Adha. Quality and Public Safety. Abdullah Khalfan Al Shamsi

Abdullah Khalfan Al Shamsi, director of the Sharjah Livestock Market, explained that the full and proactive preparations made by the slaughterhouse administration in full swing ahead of the Eid holiday, had a great impact on the smooth and smooth process of receiving and delivering sacrifices, and enabled the slaughterhouse to complete the largest possible number of sacrifices. On the first day of Eid without delay. Noting that the total number of sacrifices included different types of livestock, including the sacrifices received from organizations, charitable societies and smart applications, where the number of sheep sacrifices reached 1210, camels one camel, and cows 40,
And the number of sacrifices received by the slaughterhouse from the Emirates Red Crescent Authority was 579, and from the Sharjah Charitable Society, 323, and 312 sacrifices were made through the smart application “My Sacrifice”.

And he indicated that the preparations included preparing all facilities and providing all the services that the public needs, and increasing the number of workers, supervisors, observers and veterinarians, to ensure the smooth running of operations and provide high quality services, as well as an updated system by sending instant text messages to receive the sacrifice, making it easier for visitors to the market. Two lanes outside the livestock market, the first is for visitors who have booked through the website of the livestock market, and a text message is sent to the customer at the appointed time for him to visit the market to obtain the service he desires, and the second is for public visits without prior reservation. Two lanes were allocated inside the market, the first for the slaughterhouse directly for visitors wishing to slaughter their own sacrifices, and the second to allow visitors to go directly to the barns, to complete the purchase of sacrifices and then complete the rest of the procedures.

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