Souq Al Jubail provides seasonal fish to preserve the sustainability of fish stocks in the UAE


Souq Al Jubail provides seasonal fish to preserve the sustainability of fish stocks in the UAE

Souq Al Jubail, a project of Sharjah Asset Management Company, provides various types of fish and seafood throughout the year to satisfy visitors’ needs and reduce the demand for more popular species, which helps contribute to the stability of natural fish stocks. The market adheres to the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment’s guidance regarding the prohibition of catching certain types of fish during seasons of scarcity or reproduction, and the trading of certain types or sizes to ensure the sustainability of fish and marine wealth in the UAE.


Humaid Al Aleeli, Acting Director of the Hospitality Sector at Sharjah Asset Management Company, confirmed that fisheries are one of the country’s most important natural food resources, and the abundance of fish and marine creatures varies according to specific seasons during the year. Types such as Lethrinus, Rabbitfish and Greasy grouper increase from January to April, while quantities of sharks (Erior) rise from July to December, while Spanish Mackerel, Khabat and Black Pomfret are available from November to the end of May. Fish stocks of Jash, Hamam and Dudman increase during April, May and June, while some fish species are available most months of the year, such as Kofar and Bashkhel.

Discussing the ban on fishing for specific breeds of fish, Al Aleeli stressed that according to Ministry of Climate Change and Environment instructions, which aims to preserve and sustain the fish wealth in the country, a yearly ban helps prevent fishing during critical periods, such as during the egg-laying season, breeding or growing season.  Every year, the Ministry bans fishing for particular breeds, which is shared with fishermen’s associations.  All registered fishermen are informed of the instructions and adhere to the standards mentioned in the Ministry’s decisions.

He stressed that the Ministry’s decisions and strategy would eliminate the risk of depleting some types of fish to ensure their sustainability. For example, the shark fishing ban extends throughout March, April, May and June of each year, and Khabat from the beginning of June to the end of October. As for Kofar and Kabed fish, it is forbidden to catch them during February.

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