Souq Al Haraj, a project by the Sharjah Asset Management Company (SAM), the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, announced that 90% of car dealers in the UAE are advertising their cars through the ‘Sharrai’ smart application. In line with SAM’s strategic goals to lead the digital transformation and improve public services in the emirate, the smart application brings together a wide range of dealers and customers from across the regional and international marketplace.The smart application ‘Sharrai’ offers direct access to customers and dealers, with over 5000 cars currently listed for sale on the platform. Customers can browse and choose the car they want thanks to innovative work systems and advanced technology which combine traditional sales channels with e-commerce operations.Saeed Matar Al Suwaidi, Director of Souq Al Haraj, said: “The smart application of ‘Sharrai’ evolves from the framework of enhancing digital capabilities to allow us to improve services. The application is user-friendly, allowing car dealers and customers to benefit from technology to make the process of buying and selling cars easy, efficient and more enjoyable. By providing access to dealers and customers in local Arab markets as well as internationally, the application raises the standards and possibilities of a global automotive marketplace.”Al Suwaidi added: “The Sharrai platform will benefit the traders of Souq Al Haraj because it is a distinguished global platform designed with the car trade in mind. Since its launch, it has attracted thousands of dealers and traders from the UAE and beyond for the innovative services and facilities it provides. Technology like the ‘Sharrai’ application will contribute towards making the emirate a sustainable and competitive place to do business, which will, in turn, attract more inward investment and benefit the economy.”