Sharjah Livestock Market (SLM), the latest project of Sharjah Asset Management Holding, the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, is fast approaching a significant milestone. Since its launch last April, it has not only witnessed a great turnout from the public, but has also received 46,904 head of livestock, including sheep, cattle, and camels.Vital livestock market in the emirate and region Abdullah Al Shamsi, Director of the Sharjah Livestock Market, said: “Since opening, the Sharjah Livestock Market has succeeded in attracting a large segment of consumers and livestock dealers. The market, which features the latest technologies, ensures best practices, and follows superior hygiene standards, has firmly established itself as one of the most important livestock markets in both the emirate and the region. Its status is confirmed by the number of livestock dealt with during a relatively short period, as well as by the level of public satisfaction with the quality and range of services provided.” Al Shamsi added: “We continually strive to develop the services provided by the market, all of which are carried out by a specialized team trained according to the highest standards and committed to the strictest health and safety specifications. We aim to exceed the expectations of consumers and visitors by meeting their needs with ease, by offering the best prices, and by delivering services of the highest standard, all in one place.” Facilities and services The Sharjah Livestock Market includes 141 shops selling sheep, 26 shops selling cattle, 12 shops selling camels, and 74 shops selling poultry. In addition, it features a slaughterhouse for livestock, and another dedicated to poultry. The market also has 44 shops selling fodder, 34 multi-use shops, 32 nurseries, and an auction arena. Its onsite mosque can accommodate 386 worshippers, and there are ample green spaces. The slaughterhouse accommodates about 240 heads of livestock per hour, according to the following pace of the slaughter line: 150 to 200 sheep heads per hour, 20 cow heads per hour, 20 camel heads per hour. It also has a poultry slaughterhouse. The Sharjah Livestock Market is open to the public from 08:00am to 10:00 pm.