Salem Saeed Al Midfa, CEO of “Rafid” for Vehicle Solutions, revealed that last year’s statistics of “Rafid” witnessed an increase in light traffic accidents, compared to the previous year by 18%, as the total number of accidents during the past year reached 82,043 accidents. He stressed Rafid’s endeavor to be a leader in high-quality, innovative and comprehensive professional solutions, which is the result of a partnership between Sharjah Asset Management Company, the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, and OWS Auto, and came to work on a vital contribution to the development of the automotive sector in the region, and upgrading With vehicle safety standards, the mechanism of their examination, and strengthening the position of the car trade market in the Emirate of Sharjah and the UAE. Rafid tracks Al Midfa confirmed that Rafid’s missions include 4 main tracks, including vehicle inspection and registration, express services for cars on the roads, accident management, and integrated management of transport fleets, through its workshop that operates according to the latest technical methods. Among the most prominent causes of recorded accidents, Not leaving a safe distance between vehicles, and being busy with other than the road, which contributed during the year 2021 to the registration of 2,058 accidents with others, and 64,963 light accidents, an average of 225 accidents per day. Meanwhile, the Rafid call and control center received various calls and reports, including 108,614 calls, reports of accidents, 24,295 calls for inquiries, and 8,574 calls for roadside assistance services. He pointed out that Rafid, through its headquarters in the Al Azra area in Sharjah, provides AutoExpress and MotorTech services, as well as accident management services at its unified customer service center in the Ramtha area. There are other centers in the Central Region (Al Dhaid and Al Madam) and the Eastern Region (Khorfakkan and Kalba), all of which are dedicated to receiving customer inquiries and comments, and for any solutions related to the Rafid Accidents Department. There is also an AutoExpress center in Khorfakkan for vehicle service. Providing maintenance, repair, modification and restoration services for all fleets of Sharjah Government vehicles. The services related to accident management and roadside assistance services vary, and they represent the issuance of reports of light traffic accidents of all kinds, such as collisions between two vehicles and more, accidents against an unknown person, accidents involving a fixed object, and the provision of five main roadside assistance services. A service package, and he stated that “Rafid” is characterized by a package of services that provide comprehensive solutions for vehicles across multiple business sectors, mainly represented by “Auto Express”, which includes a vehicle maintenance and repair center, a mobile workshop, and “Motortech” which includes the specialized center for vehicle inspection and registration, Which provides motorists with all the requirements for testing, registration, and pre-purchase, 170 points, vehicle insurance, vehicle registration through the smart kiosk, and the “Rafid” accident unit specialized in helping residents of the Emirate of Sharjah receive vehicle accident reports, and roadside assistance. 62,000 users, and Al Midfa pointed out that “Rafid” announced the launch of its updated application at the beginning of this year, in Arabic, English and Urdu in “iOS” and “Android” stores, allowing greater ease and flexibility in use, with a more modern design, in order to enhance the efforts of the Government of Sharjah in digital transformation, and providing more services that contribute to facilitating customers, and enabling them to obtain a greater number of services with minimal effort, from anywhere and around the clock, to give them the necessary flexibility to complete their transactions with high efficiency, as the smart application was registered until December 2021 More than 62 thousand users. The application provides several services, including roadside assistance for emergency cases, such as refueling, changing tires and batteries, transporting vehicles parked due to malfunctions to workshops, the ability to book Sharjah taxis, through the call center, or booking a “Buraq” limousine linked to the Buraq application, to give users A greater number of options within one integrated application, and it also gives vehicle owners the ability to book a car inspection service at the “Motortech Center”, and benefit from booking appointments at the “Auto Express” workshop, and the accident planning service against an unknown person within the Emirate of Sharjah, without the patrol attending the site of the accident. Anonymous Incident Reporting Service, and there will be more innovative services in the app during this year. “We will provide additional services to customers later this year, as part of efforts to ensure the highest standards of service for users on a single platform,” the CEO of Rafid said. We also increased the number of periodicals during the last quarter of last year, and other periodicals will be added this year. He explained that the percentage of customer satisfaction reached 93.4% during the past year, while the number of customers with customer service centers distributed in the emirate reached 16,035, as the response time was reduced thanks to the experiences gained since the launch of the company’s services, and the number of beneficiaries of exempting people of determination reached 157 exemptions, and 63,795 vehicle inspections were conducted. As for roadside assistance services, it reached 13,677 service requests, including 1,340 requests via the application. Digital Wallet Where users can now pay directly through “Samsung Pay” or “Apple Pay”, which enhances the ease of the services provided, and there are more digital features. Rafid took the initiative last year to conclude sponsorships and partnerships, most notably a sponsorship agreement for sports activities with Al-Bataeh Cultural and Sports Club, a joint venture agreement with Al-Batha Automotive Group, to establish a new company called “Pitstop for Car Services”, and a partnership agreement with “United Fidelity” and “Dubai Insurance”, and an agreement with the Hamriyah Municipality to maintain, repair and tow all the municipality’s vehicles.