The Asset Management Sector of Sharjah Asset Management Company (SAM), the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, has revealed that a remarkable number of dealers have signed up on the Sharrai platform and application, which was created with the aim of supporting the sale and purchase of cars in Souq Al Haraj. To date, more than 25,000 cars have been listed on the electronic platform, with visitor numbers exceeding 26,000.Considering this, and in line with the strategic objectives of the Emirate of Sharjah’s goals of achieving sustainable economic prosperity based on innovation and development, Sharjah Asset Management Company is continuing to develop the Sharrai platform and application. According to Saeed Al Suwaidi, Manager of Souq Al Haraj, traditional trade is still important in the automotive sector. However, e-commerce is playing an increasingly prominent role, with rapid technological development contributing to the recovery of automotive trade. This, he stressed, has helped stimulate the process of revitalizing trade with all countries within the Gulf Cooperation Council, with traditional sales and e-commerce operations complementing each other.Al-Suwaidi highlighted that Sharrai platform and application provide both dealers and the public with virtual access the automotive market, enabling them to buy and sell new and used cars with ease. Using the technology also enables dealers to reach a wider network of traders and customers in the local, regional, and international markets.Sharjah Asset Management is focused on the provision of innovative projects of the highest quality. The high demand for digital platforms is proof that its systems are not only beneficial to users, but that it also helps enhance economic development within the Emirate. The Sharrai platform and application in particular is enabling buyers and sellers from different locations to seamlessly communicate while facilitating the buying and selling of vehicles that meet buyers’ specific needs.It is worth adding that Sharjah Asset Management Company seeks to provide an innovative and stimulating work environment concentrated on business continuity under all circumstances, enabling it to not only achieve its vision and objectives, but also to promote sustainable development in Sharjah and the UAE.