Sharjah24: Souq Al Jubail, one of the key projects of the Sharjah Asset Management Company, the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, revealed that the volume of fish sales reached 562 tons during the third quarter of this year, in light of a large abundance of a variety of local and imported fish according to the highest standards and at competitive prices that suit everyone.Humaid Al-Aleeli, Manager of the fish department at Souq Al Jubail, said, “Local and imported fish are available in the Souq, and the management is keen to provide fish according to the highest standards and specifications. Various types, such as Al-Bayah, Umm Drais, Yellow Pomfret, Jish, Al-Safi Sunifi, sardines, supreme, sheri, tilapia, grouper, and others. All fish is daily fresh and subject to continuous control and inspection”. Al-Aleeli pointed out that the third quarter of this year witnessed a sales movement of 562 tons.He added that the Souq is equipped with the latest facilities to serve visitors, shoppers, traders and fishermen, and has a special section for cleaning and cutting fish, in addition to a barbecue section. It is characterized by the availability and good employment of advanced technologies, the use of central ventilation systems, to prevent the spread of unpleasant odors, the provision of new services, the mobile payment service and smart applications, and waste disposal devices with the highest standards of health and hygiene. It is worth noting that the fish department in Souq Al Jubail has held an ISO certification for four years and is the first market in the region to achieve this. There is constantly a remarkable turnout of shoppers and visitors to Souq Al Jubail, who consistently express their confidence in services, high quality and cleanliness. The barbecue section is an added value to Souq Al Jubail in general and the fish department in particular. It is always equipped with the best international cooking equipment, the highest hygiene standards, and the highest quality standards, in addition to the availability of the latest internationally known safety systems.