Sharjah Asset Management Company, the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, revealed that its Emiratisation rate has reached 64%, while the Emiratisation rate in senior positions has reached 93%, and the company has implemented more than 55 training courses that included training and development programs targeting the company’s employees and cadres, with the aim of raising Competencies, capabilities and talent refinement, through the use of the best programs and methods in selecting cadres to occupy various administrative positions in order to always improve the level of work and performance. Said Sharar, Chief Operating Officer – Osoul Services, at Sharjah Asset Management Company, is keen on attracting national competencies as part of its quest for excellence in providing the best services by improving and developing the efficiency of human resources. . Sharar added, “Sharjah Asset Management Company seeks to raise the level of efficiency and performance and refine expertise by training all employees and cadres in the company and all its owned and affiliated companies, in compliance with the government’s approach and directions in the matter of Emiratisation and benefiting from the experiences, energies and capabilities of young people.” Sharar indicated the importance and necessity of continuing to implement training courses for employees and cadres because of their vital and effective role in achieving the highest levels of excellence and success, achieving goals and upgrading the level and capabilities of employees, in addition to the fact that such courses and the advanced quality programs they contain contribute to Uncovering the energies and capabilities of young people, and providing them with the opportunity to express their aspirations, suggestions and plans to contribute to the advancement of public work and performance, which is positively reflected on everyone. In addition, Sharjah Asset Management works as the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, and is responsible for government investments, asset management, and real estate development, in an effort to support the excellence of the business culture in Sharjah, and to build on the solid investment foundations established by the Government of Sharjah. Its main mission is to create a competitive economy in the emirate through the best investments.