Sharjah Asset Management Hosts Media Training Course for Public Speakers


Sharjah Asset Management Hosts Media Training Course for Public Speakers

Sharjah Asset Management, the investment arm of the Emirate of Sharjah, hosted a training course aimed at a group of public speakers. The course was designed to enhance their media skills, improve their knowledge in the field, and enable them to effectively represent the company in front of the media. The training was conducted at Sharjah Media City (Shams), with the objective of projecting a positive image of the company's vision and goals.

Saeed Sharar, Chief Operating Officer – Osool Services at Sharjah Asset Management, said:"The training course has been organised by Sharjah Asset Management with a focus on enhancing the media skills of the company's spokespersons and media department employees. The objective is to refine and enrich their field knowledge, enabling them to effectively interact with the media, create a favourable public opinion about the company, and communicate its vision and future aspirations in the best possible manner.”

During a training course called "Shams", Kassim Ali, who serves as the Director of the Media Sector Development Department at Sharjah Media City, provided guidance on how to effectively prepare for a media interview and how to handle any potential challenges that may arise during the process. The course covered a variety of topics including strategies for effectively communicating with different types of media, ways to leverage media interviews to promote an organisation's goals, and techniques for crafting an impactful message that resonates with the public.

Sharjah Asset Management places great importance on its human resources and is committed to empowering and rehabilitating its employees through various training programs and courses across different sectors. The company strongly believes that investing in its employees is essential to achieving its vision of promoting economic and social development, supporting a sustainable economy in partnership with the public and private sectors, encouraging investment, promoting community responsibility, and ensuring the sustainable well-being of the Sharjah community. The company aims to achieve these goals by making optimal use of resources and meeting the needs of the Emirate of Sharjah community.


Profile of Sharjah Asset Management Company:
Sharjah Asset Management Company is the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah. Its goal is to promote economic and social development, accelerate sustainable economy in the Emirate, and partner with both public and private sectors. They encourage investment and community responsibility through the optimal use of resources. Ultimately, their aim is to meet the needs of the community of Sharjah and ensure their sustainable well-being.

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