Sharjah Asset Management Expresses Gratitude to Exceptional Employees for their Achievements


Sharjah Asset Management Expresses Gratitude to Exceptional Employees for their Achievements


In a special ceremony, His Excellency Waleed Al Sayegh, CEO of Sharjah Asset Management, the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, bestowed honours upon a distinguished group of leaders and executives representing various sectors within the company, in recognition of their workplace efforts and excellence.

The event celebrated their exceptional devotion and dedication to the duties, resulting in remarkable achievements and impactful projects that advance economic, social, and sustainable development in the Emirate of Sharjah.  Al Sayegh congratulated the honourees for their job excellence, high professional ability, quick response, and good management of positions with the help of work teams, which has contributed to the achievement of many high-level projects across the Emirate of Sharjah and the region. His Excellency also extended his best wishes for success to the honourees as they embark on their new roles and responsibilities.

His Excellency Waleed Al Sayegh stressed his pride in the Sharjah Asset Management team, expressing that the company has successfully reached 100% Emiratization in leadership positions and 61% in senior and administrative positions, in line with the directives of the nation’s leadership aimed at accelerating the pace of Emiratization.  He further endorsed that Sharjah Asset Management will continue to honour distinguished people for their accomplishments and service to the nation.

His Excellency continued to highlight the company’s highly qualified national cadres who strive to enhance work operations and raise the level of institutional performance and status of the country and its global indicators in competitiveness.

Al Sayegh stressed the company's eagerness to attract national competencies and implement training and qualification programs on an ongoing basis to develop employee capabilities, raise efficiency, enhance business leadership, and ensure proactive and continuous learning, in line with the progress made by the UAE in keeping pace with modern developments in the labour market.

The ceremony was attended by Ibrahim Al Houti, CEO of the Executive Office of Sharjah Asset Management, Yousif Al Zaabi, Chief Officer of Food & Hospitality sector at Sharjah Asset Management, Ahmed Al Musharrekh, CEO of Rafid Automotive Solutions, Hamed Al Zarooni, CEO of SANED Integrated Facilities Management, and Ahmed Al Maazmi, Acting Chief Finance Officer at Sharjah Asset Management.

The attendees expressed their pride in this generous gesture from Sharjah Asset Management, noting it to be a great motivation to continue working hard. They stressed collectively continuing on the journey of excellence, applying standards of government excellence, and working wholeheartedly with team spirit to achieve the future aspirations of the company

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