Sharjah Taxi Expands Eco-Friendly Fleet with Four Electric Vehicles

Sharjah Taxi

Sharjah Taxi Expands Eco-Friendly Fleet with Four Electric Vehicles

Sharjah Taxi launched four electric vehicles of the Skywell model as part of its limousine fleet at the airport, in line with the company's vision to increase its electric and hybrid cars fleet. This move signifies a significant step towards environmentally friendly transportation and supports the UAE's goal of transitioning to carbon-free transportation methods by 2050.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Engineer, Sultan Al-Ketbi, Chief Executive Officer of Osool Transport Solutions, Mr Khaled Al Kindi, General Manager of Sharjah Taxi, Mr Adel Al Ali, acting Manager-Sharjah Taxi, Mr Efad Kabbany - Fleet Management Department Head, and Mr Kai Zheng, the founder and chairman of the Legend Holding Group.

 Sultan Al-Ketbi affirmed that the introduction of new electric vehicles and their addition to the Sharjah Taxi fleet is part of supporting the strategic initiatives of the UAE, aimed at bolstering the green transportation system, increasing the proportion of electric cars to enhance the use of renewable energy and related technologies. This contributes to reducing carbon emissions and gradually transitioning to eco-friendly modes of transportation, alongside reducing fuel consumption rates, noise and pollution levels, as well as maintenance costs and mechanical breakdowns that vehicles regularly require.

 Al Kindi commented, "At Sharjah Taxi, we collaborate with various relevant entities dedicated to supporting the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles in the Emirate of Sharjah. We aim to contribute to providing innovative and environmentally friendly solutions in the transportation sector, implementing the highest global practices towards sustainable transportation, exchanging international expertise, and staying updated on the latest global developments in sustainable transportation. This effort enhances service standards for the public and ensures unparalleled customer satisfaction."
Due to its streamlined design, the Skywell vehicle boasts many comforts and amenities, fully electric operation, spacious interiors for families, and a serene ride. It is renowned for its safety features and minimal carbon emissions, meeting the highest standards of comfort and safety while satisfying customer preferences.
Sharjah Taxi operates under the umbrella of Sharjah Asset Management, the investment arm of the Sharjah government.


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