Osool Transportation Solutions honors Sharjah Taxi drivers who have won the 2022 Traffic Safety Award

Sharjah Taxi

Osool Transportation Solutions honors Sharjah Taxi drivers who have won the 2022 Traffic Safety Award

Osool Transportation Solutions celebrated the outstanding performance of ten drivers from the Sharjah Taxi workforce at the 2022 Traffic Safety Awards. This recognition acknowledges their unwavering commitment to traffic laws and regulations and their impeccable record of avoiding accidents, violations, and complaints throughout the year. Their dedication plays a significant role in reducing road accidents and fostering awareness of safe driving practices.

The event was attended by H.E. Sultan Al-Ketbi, Chief Executive Officer, Osool Transport Solutions; Mr Khaled Al-Kindi, General Manager of Sharjah Taxi; Moustafa Shalabi, Acting Director of Operations at Osool Transport Solutions; Mr Adel Al Ali, acting Manager-Sharjah Taxi, along with several managers and employees from various departments, alongside a group of journalists.


Khaled Al-Kindi said: "We are meeting today for the second consecutive year of the Traffic Safety Award, in which we honour the distinguished drivers working in Sharjah Taxi. They exemplify our commitment to providing secure, reliable, and innovative transportation services prioritising customer well-being, comfort, and happiness."


He added: "Sharjah Taxi introduced the Traffic Safety Award, an initiative by the company's Traffic Safety Committee, to promote safe driving practices and reduce road accidents. No accidents, no traffic violations, and no complaints—these criteria have been achieved by our remarkable drivers, whom we gather to honour for their dedication."

The Traffic Safety Award is divided into three categories: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. To earn this recognition, drivers must adhere to a specific set of laws and standards, including covering over 100,000 kilometres in a year without being involved in accidents, either as the cause or the victim and without incurring traffic violations or complaints from other road users.

The honoured drivers expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the award, reaffirming their commitment to exert more effort and perseverance in their roles. This recognition is a significant incentive, propelling them to provide excellent service to the public, aligning with the company's accomplishments and enhancing Sharjah's stature by improving service levels.

It is worth noting that Sharjah Taxi is a project under Sharjah Asset Management, the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah.

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