Saned provides management, maintenance services for 700 bldgs


Saned provides management, maintenance services for 700 bldgs

Saned Facility Management & Solution Company, owned by Sharjah Asset Management Company, provides facilities management and maintenance services for 550 buildings across the Emirate of Sharjah, as well as an additional 150 buildings under the supervision of the Department of Works in Sharjah. Saned strives to supply the Emirate with distinguished, high-quality services, catering to customers for all their integrated facilities management needs, with the goal to ultimately contribute to driving economic growth in the Emirate of Sharjah.Engineer Sultan Musabih Al Ketbi, CEO of Saned Facility Management & Solution Company, confirmed that the steady increase in clients that the company provides integrated facilities management services to, both governmental or private, came as a result of the distinguished efforts made by the company to provide quality services at international standards.

The company continues to update and enhance its services purposefully, placing an emphasis on increasing the operational efficiency of its systems. Services are supervised by 30 specialised engineers, further supported on the ground by more than 80 technicians specialised in various engineering fields. The company bases its operations on international standards, such as 20 SFG, in utilities management, electricity, monitoring systems, firefighting, and more.Al Ketbi adds, “We are always keen on communicating with our customers and listening to their opinions and suggestions, which ultimately helps us reduce the time needed for maintenance, increases revenues, reduces operation costs, and eliminates duplication between the customer and the operating company.
Maintenance service efficiency for Saned during the first quarter of this year was 94% according to our monthly performance evaluation; we are proud of this accomplishment and our progress so far, and will continue to exert more effort and improve services to achieve customer satisfaction and further enhance sustainability of buildings in the Emirate of Sharjah.”Saned’s scope of work broadly includes integrated facilities management, technical contracting, and projects management (electrical, mechanical and health).
Under the health category, the company provides safety and environmental services such as fire prevention strategies, training on safety basics, and training security staff.
The company also designs systems used in managing facilities, including computer-based building management systems to monitor equipment, air conditioners, fire extinguishing systems, elevator systems, and more.

The company also provides energy monitoring systems, which show accurate energy consumption levels in real time. These systems then analyse the data to allow companies to reflect on their consumption of water and electric energy and build sustainability policies backed by scientific data. Additionally, Saned also provides security and CCTV surveillance systems, and access permissions for institutions and other systems, which the company is keen to support with the latest computer systems.

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