Souq Al Haraj, one of the projects of the Sharjah Asset Management, the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, is witnessing a lively turnout from SUV and sports car enthusiasts, as this weather of the year is considered an encouraging factor for driving in the mountainous areas, sand dunes, and hiking away from the city atmosphere to open spaces and other areas that encourage driving using SUVs and sports cars, which increased the market demand for such cars.Saeed Matar Al Suwaidi, Director of Souq Al Haraj, said, “This beautiful winter weather encourages hiking, whether in the desert areas among sand dunes or in mountainous areas and off-road roads, which constitutes an opportunity for lovers of SUVs, sports cars and duly modified cars, to set out on fun trips with friends and family.” He continued, “Souq Al Haraj, which is considered one of the most important and largest car markets in the region, has various models in the world of cars from all international brands, and it is constantly witnessing an active movement and a remarkable turnout from customers, whether from within the country or from outside, as it is a distinguished global platform for the car trade. It is considered the most prominent destination for car dealers, shoppers and enthusiasts, as it provides all their needs within one destination characterized by comfort, value, confidence and diversity.” The winter season in the United Arab Emirates is the most beautiful in the world, as it is characterized by a moderate climate, light rainfall intensities in some areas, in addition to the natural terrain, and outdoor events, which turns deserts, plains and mountains into open recreational places, attracting citizens and residents and tourists.