Sharjah Asset Management Launches Its Brand New Leadership Programme.


Sharjah Asset Management Launches Its Brand New Leadership Programme.

Sharjah Asset Management (SAM), the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, is pleased to announce the launch of its Leadership Empowerment and Development Programme (LEAD) In a ceremony that took place in Hilton Hotel Sharjah yesterday. The launch was in collaboration with The Centre for Creative Leadership with 14 shortlisted SAM’s talents.

LEAD is an internal programme designed explicitly for SAM’s employees in order to identify and develop employees’ talents, while shaping their careers. It allows employees to benefit from individual career paths, high-quality training offered by global experts, practical business assignments, increased visibility with senior management, and new opportunities to progress to next level of their career.

HE Waleed Al Sayegh, Chief Executive Officer of SAM commented, “We at SAM thrive on motivating our SAM community through nurturing talents, education, positive work culture, and innovative progression. The LEAD programme invests in and empowers our employees to embark on a strong path toward fulfilling their potential.”

“The new programme reflects SAM’s belief in the positive impact that its participants can have on social and economic development. This will open up a diverse outlook for employees to advance in their profession, and we are looking forward to witnessing what they have to offer,” he added.

The launch announcement detailed the programme’s content and featured keynote speeches from the SAM’s top management. In addition, the programme’s sessions provided networking opportunities with the sector Chiefs, internal coaches, and mentors.

Sharjah Asset Management is an innovative international government-owned investment company which administers all investment activities for Sharjah’s Government Sharjah Asset Management cultivates a deep-rooted strategy for Sharjah’s future, integrating the development and fulfilment of targets, with the aim of enhancing the economic development of Sharjah.

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