Sharjah Taxi Honours 10 Distinguished Taxi Drivers with Traffic and Safety Award

Sharjah Taxi

Sharjah Taxi Honours 10 Distinguished Taxi Drivers with Traffic and Safety Award

Sharjah Taxi, a subsidiary of Sharjah Asset Management Company, investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, honoured ten distinguished taxi drivers with the Traffic and Safety Award for the year 2021, to encourage drivers to be vigilant on the road and reduce traffic accidents. The award aims to educate drivers about adherence to road safety, and is divided into 3 categories: gold, silver, and bronze.

Khalid Al Kindi, Executive Director of Sharjah Taxi, stated at the award’s special ceremony, “We are pleased to honour 10 distinguished drivers out of a total of 900, with our Traffic and Safety Award launched by Sharjah Taxi in 2021. Under the slogan ‘No accidents, No traffic Violations, No complaints”, we strived to use this campaign as an initiative to motivate our drivers to stay safe on the road and abide by local traffic laws to ensure safety for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians who share the road.”

He added: “This award highlights distinguished drivers according to specific criteria, including driving distances more than 100,000 km, no reported vehicle accidents, and no history of reported traffic violation or complaint from dealers, all within a one-year period.”

Al Kindi called attention to the award and other initiatives emanating from the traffic safety team, that have contributed substantially to achieving positive results in reducing traffic accidents for taxis. One of the key achievements the company is proud of is its success in achieving ‘zero deaths from accidents during the year 2021’.

Mr. Mustafa Shalabi, Senior Operations manager, Chairman of the Traffic Safety Committee,, stressed, “The company is keen and dedicated to launching creative and motivational initiatives to raise driver satisfaction, as our taxi drivers are ambassadors of the transport sector in the Emirate of Sharjah. Our drivers are exemplary individuals that showcase and reflect Sharjah Taxi policy and strategy to achieve its vision of being the first and most important provider of transportation services in the Emirate.”

He pointed out that motivation and incentives through prizes and awards have proven to be the most important factor in developing a high level of service standards and raising efficiency levels for drivers.

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